Bluff in online poker is one of the right techniques that is widely used by not only beginners, even professional players also do this a lot, in essence the meaning of bluff is to bluff your opponent when you have a weak hand, by increasing the bet by high value with the desire for the opponent to fold, so that we can win the game.

But in practice itself, bluffs have a high probability if done at the wrong event, even a professional even though he must have made mistakes in using this deadly technique.

However, for beginners, sometimes they don’t just bluff when it’s not right, they also continue to play using bluffs so that it’s easy for opponents to read, in this article, a trusted online poker agent will also explain some of the rules. basic way to do a bluff, as follows:

Don’t Use Any Hands

Bluff does have a purpose to make a bluff, but that doesn’t mean it can be done using any hand you get, you need the right daftar poker online opportunity so that the bluff you do is successful.

Sometimes players can’t wait for the right hands to play so they play too many bad hands and make them lose. Often they bluff with that bad type of starting hand, even though the opponent currently has a fairly strong hand, think again about your card with the community card before making a bluff.

Don’t Bluff When There Are Still Many Players

Before you make a bluff, make sure the number of opponents remaining is no more than 2 people, because if there are too many players left your chances of winning are very small, because not most people are afraid of the bluff we do.

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Don’t bluff players who are still beginners

Stop bluffing, you understand that the player you are playing against is a beginner, because they don’t really understand what they are doing when they call and don’t know what Hands they have.

What they know is just playing, so they always make calls even though the cards they have are generally only or even their cards are bad. Players with new seasons generally don’t have the desire to fold. This rule applies when you have a strong hand.

The Best Hands Ability and Number of Pots

Pay attention to the potential of existing pots before you bluff in online poker games, which means you have to make sure the type of hand you have is strong enough every time you bluff because your intention is to win those pots. Every bluffer wants at least one person to fold when he or she bluffs. But if none of the opposing players fold, that’s where you understand the bluff you are doing has not worked.

Pay attention to pots where the goal is when the pots have a large amount of money, so there are not often players who are willing to fold because they feel that when they play, the chances of winning the pots are greater than if they fold. The chance of a bluff succeeds when there are few pots, so don’t waste your bluff in big pots.

Batch Little for Little

When doing a bluff, don’t suddenly make a big batch because the opposing players will also assume you have a strong hand, so they won’t be provoked to call on the raise you make. That’s because your opponent’s signs assume your hand is indeed stronger than theirs.

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