Counting Cards in Blackjack Permainan

Do you like Blackjack or Online Blackjack games? But do you know about the technique of counting cards (Counting Cards) in the Blackjack game? Well, here the admin will discuss what the Counting Cards technique is and how to use it in the Blackjack game. The Counting Cards technique is a technique where players sort each card that has come out in order to predict what card will appear next.

This technique is actually a judi casino online terpercaya simple technique. However, it requires high discipline to be able to continue to focus in order to be able to count cards until the end of the game. Blackjack is a card game where players need to get a value of 21 (blackjack) on a card with the following card values:

Counting Cards in Blackjack Permainan

In the BlackJack game at the Casino, 2-4 decks of cards are usually provided to play. Things you need to pay attention to when counting cards in a Blackjack game are:

High Card and Low Card

This is the basis of Blackjack Card Counting. Categorize cards into 3 classes and grades. cards 2-6 are low cards with a value of (+1) and high cards ranging from 10 to King cards with a value of (-1). Then the rest, namely cards 7,8,9 as neutral cards agen ibcbet88 with no value (0). In this way, you will know the position of the card and can predict the card that will come out.

Doing In-Game Counting

When the dealer starts dealing cards, that’s where you need to start counting. Add up the card values ​​according to the categories described above. For example, if there are 4 players at the table with open cards respectively 7. 8, K, and 10, and the dealer K means (0) (0) (-1) (-1) (-1) means the value of the card position becomes – 3. This indicates that there is a possibility that the next card that comes out is a small card. Because in the end all cards, regardless of the number of decks, will be 0.

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Concentration When Counting

This is where concentration is needed. Because you need to keep counting the cards until the end of the game or until you stop playing without being distracted. At first it will be very difficult especially when you need to do it quickly and without any mistakes. Because if it’s wrong just once, then this technique is no longer effective.

Hone Your Counting Skills

It’s a good idea before you use this counting technique in the Blackjack game with Real Money Betting, you do training on counting yourself or also invite your friends to make it easier. Do this activity consistently and with discipline so you can count cards quickly.