Getting to know Peruvian Fighting Chickens at Arena S128

Peruvian or Peruvian chickens are fighting chickens that actually come from the Philippines but are growing rapidly in Peru, so they are called Peruvian chickens and some people get it wrong because of this. Peruvian chicken is a type of chicken that is widely owned for the sake of cockfighting. Peruvian chickens are more often used in cockfighting fights using knives or spurs when fighting. The Peruvian rooster is often a formidable fighter and the most difficult to beat.

The Deadliest Peruvian Chicken in the agen bola terbesar S128 Arena because of its strength and resistance to enemy attacks is the best when compared to other types of chickens. However, with the awesomeness of the Peruvian chicken, it still cannot become a champion chicken if it does not receive good care and lessons. However, it is undeniable that the Peruvian cock is indeed the most formidable and shrewd in cockfighting.

Getting to know Peruvian Fighting Chickens at Arena S128

Peruvian chicken is a chicken that has characteristics such as:
Relatively large body

The first characteristic of the Peruvian chicken is seen from its relatively large body when compared to other types of chickens. The size of the Peruvian chicken is the same as the Japanese shamo chicken. Peruvian chicken body weight reaches 3.5 kg.

Body slightly bent
Peruvian chickens have a slightly bent body because the spine prefers to be curved and not straight. This is in contrast to other types of chickens that have a sturdy body.

Ears are white
The ears of native Peruvian chickens are white and that separates them from other types of chickens. However, there are also those whose ear color is not white, but red or orange, agen sbobet888 following the body color of the most influential chicken that comes from its mother. For the color of the feathers of Peruvian chickens, there are many differences, the color of the feathers is the same as in general, which is greenish red black.

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Strong Stamina
Peruvian chickens have strong and long-lasting stamina when fighting with other chickens. If you take care of Peruvian chickens well, the fighting cock’s stamina will increase as well.

Have strong legs
Peruvian chickens have strong legs, especially when fighting. Peruvian chickens do have a pretty good fighting instinct and their fighting genes are also strong.

nimble movement
Chickens that will become fighting cocks must of course have good speed. The movement of the Peruvian chicken when competing will look agile or agile. This will make the Peruvian chicken faster in attacking its opponent or defending against the opponent’s chicken attack.