Who doesn’t know about cockfighting or more often called cockfighting? It turns out that this game has been played by people in the archipelago since time immemorial. This cockfighting is about a rooster fight that has sharp metal spurs, this is not just a game for entertainment but also has a lot of history.

Cockfighting is two chickens fighting in one arena or circle. Chickens that are fought usually until one loses or runs away, some even die. Usually played is Chicken Bangkok, the country that usually holds this cockfighting in the Philippines. They have other names such as Cockfighting, Daftar Bola Online Cock Fighter, Battle Cock and Rooster playing cockfighting in this country is legal and can be done anywhere. As for how to play Cockfighting Gambling online:

If on the screen it says Banker/Red +0.63 and you bet 100 then the odds will be paid to be 63. (win)
If on the screen it says Player/Blue +0.73 then the odds will be paid 73. (lose)
If there is writing BDD 1: 6 on the screen, it means that the odds value is multiplied by the bet 100, then your winnings will be paid 600 and BDD validated if the 2 chickens in the fight die in 10 full minutes.
If there is FTD 1: 10 on the screen, it means that the odds value is multiplied by 100, then your winnings will be paid 1 million including your capital, if you lose you have to pay 100. And the TIE is validated if the 2 chickens are Fighting is still strong and alive in a period of 10 minutes.
If you still don’t understand and have difficulties, you can directly ask the LiveChat on the site you are playing, it will be directly assisted by the staff.
What is abbreviated as BDD (Both Dead Draw) is, the 2 chickens that die together before the 10-minute period of competition is over, then the competition is legalized as a draw or draw and all the capital that was placed is returned intact. And what is FTD (Full Time Draw) is, the two chickens that are declared a draw in a full match for 10 minutes, and all bets on both sides will be returned.

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Because many people are placing bets on this cockfighting, we invite cooperation with parties in that country (the Philippines) to broadcast live on this cockfighting gambling game so that fans of this cockfighting game can watch the fight online and safely. Look for an online gambling agent that can be guaranteed safety.

How to join the Online Cockfighting Gambling?

You have to look for a site agent that many people are interested in or can be a recommendation from your friends who like to play this Cockfighting Gambling. Look for a safe and reliable agent.
After that you have to register with the online gambling agent you have chosen to get an ID and PAS to login to the site.
If you have successfully created the ID and PAS, then you login, after that make a deposit transaction according to the minimum nominal that the site provides. You must transfer the bank that matches the bank you used when registering.
You can get a place according to the betting capital you want to play.
Choose a red chicken or a blue chicken, you can also choose the BDD / FTD option. which was described above.
Try to make a new selection of chickens if you feel satisfied or feel like showing defeat. With, changing the rooster does agen judi sbobet not have to command you to use a fighting cock that has also been used for a long time. Just suggesting you, to use a fighting cock that is really new to playing. And you can find out for yourself whether your previous hero deserves to be replaced or not.

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That’s all for an explanation of this Online Cockfighting, that’s what we can suggest more or less. Don’t wait for victory because if you don’t chase it, it won’t come. That is all and thank you.