Making Money in the Middle of a Pandemic by Playing Roulette Online

Making Money in the Middle of a Pandemic by Playing Roulette Online

During a pandemic like this, meeting distant friends, or gathering in hangouts sometimes invites danger. Especially now that the Covid-19 virus is lurking around the crowd.

All of that causes a feeling of boredom which sometimes irritates us. Not being able to hang out with friends and talk about fun or hang out at the hangout just to have a drink.

During this period there were also restrictions, the emergence of PSBB, and reduced time to gather because of the prohibition. Surely it is boring with activities that are limited to individuals or maybe don’t do activities at all and do repetitive activities?

In addition, the types of people are very diverse and of course have different characteristics. There are those who like to play situs judi sbobet 338a and enjoy it while refreshing, some are playing anywhere with friends, or they may have a hobby of caring for plants etc.

All these activities certainly make readers miss you, right? So, why not just try Roullete online? It is not just an ordinary game, but it can also add provisions when one day my friends and readers will give news.

Isn’t it too bad to be able to trade them with your own money? Confused by how to play? Take it easy, we will provide a step-by-step explanation of playing Roulette Online.

How to Play Roulette – Basic Rules

Learning how to play is easy. With simple rules and a little time, readers can learn them in no time. Play roulette for real money against live dealers when readers know the rules and hopefully you start making a profit.

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This game is actually one of the easiest casino games. It all depends on which version you play. The roullete wheel has 37 pockets (European) or 38 (American. Stops will be numbered 0 to 36 in the American version having a total of 00 pockets. Each bag is colored red or black with a green zero.

You will place bets based on individual numbers or combinations. The dealer will then rotate the ball on the outer rim of the roull. The ball that will fall into the correctly numbered space, then you win the bet. Isn’t all of this so easy?

Rule 1 – Know the Minimum Numbers for Each Table

Each table will have a minimum or maximum bet. Make sure the minimum bet number is on your table first. Surely you don’t want to spend money on the first bet with a minimum of USD 100, right?

Rule 2 – Understanding Chip Color

When playing it, each player must have chips with different color variations. It is necessary to differentiate each bet. Be aware that color does not determine the amount. The amount is stated in denominations of multiples of five, such as; USD 1, USD 5 onwards.

Rule 3 – Place Your Bet at the Right Moment

You must place every bet before the dealer spins the wheel. New players may be allowed to place bets after the spin, until the dealer stops all bets.

Rule 4 – Understanding Bet Types

Generally, the bets that the web usually offers in this game are known as inside bets and outside bets (inside and outside bets). With the inside bet, you will place a bet on a single number, while the outside bet covers a large group of numbers.

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Rule 5 – Set Limits

As with any other gambling game, be sure to pay attention and set limits as precisely as possible. You have to plan a few things in advance in determining the amount to bet, and stick to it. Make sure in advance how much you plan to bet.

And the last is to think calmly in making every decision in this game. Because those are smart steps when you will enter this Online Roulette game.


How? Are all the explanations above clear? Isn’t it easy to play Roulette Online? With all the rules above, you can easily play it.

When you have managed to get the jackpot or the limit you set. Take a break first, because playing too long is not very good at making decisions. Not only can you increase the risk of losing, but you must know where your limits are.

That way everyone can have the opportunity and additional money to treat your friends if they meet again someday.