Poker members want a lot of customer service

Poker members want a lot of customer service

It has become a daily activity for dedicated members of Online Poker who play on the Servant site where members share their messages with them via Live Chat 24 hours. Being a member can call for help or tell me the news at any time. Later we will read and beta respond as well as it seems. Most members say this is related to submitting an invitation for assistance from us, such as requesting to process a member’s deposit or withdrawal. There are random repeats with their single account because they haven’t played on the Ana Ada site for a long time and those who are having trouble can’t play or enter the game application and even members are submitting complaints.

As a service buyer, you support according to my task procedures. Therefore, it has become my responsibility and I automatically died in the beginning to make things easier. That is, you are not fully able to support or provide assistance to our members. -I feel as long as I can help of course I will help immediately because I also want to try to leave the best service you have to members. So that later members can feel comfortable, satisfied and can still play on the Beta site. Meanwhile, outside of that, the member’s playing movement can be tempted again because there are sudden difficulties, such as a bank experiencing disruption.

Don’t Believe If Banks Get Disturbance

When the bank received a beta problem, it was no longer able to help check transfers from my members. Like the problem of account dissimilarity that resulted in sometimes my work piled up and members were disturbed or disappointed because they had to pay for a long time. When I asked the members to wait and you felt very, very uncomfortable, poker online terpercaya because even if you were a member but had already transferred, you would still want to hurry up and play. Many members are still in disbelief that the bank is getting stuck again, where members repeatedly make insinuations or insist many times over. for fast processing. Even though I also don’t want misunderstandings to occur, so I still ask the members to wait until it’s customary for members to be able to understand it.

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