Reopening of All Macau Casinos with due observance of Health Protocols

The reopening of all Macau casinos while paying attention to health protocols – The corona virus or covid-19 is able to make many countries experience a downturn, especially in the very important business and economic sectors. This is because to prevent this virus from spreading, policies such as lockdowns and the closure of various public places are carried out. No exception to the various casinos that are used as places for bettors or gamblers to gamble. For a country that relies on the gambling sector like Macau, of course this is very detrimental and causes huge business losses.

For those who don’t know, Macau is called the Asian gambling city and even the largest in the world. As much as 80% of the income from Macau is obtained from gambling. That’s why when it was closed due to a pandemic, the losses were very much. Finally, after being closed due to the corona virus, casinos in Macau have begun to reopen. Policy authorities in situs casino online Macau revealed that this opening was due to saving staff or employees from the casino so they could survive and not be fired even though there was a decrease in visitors.

Macau’s economic decline is also the trigger why various casinos in the region have reopened. It is estimated that the losses that occur every day can reach IDR 222 billion (exchange rate: 14,700) or the equivalent of US $ 15 per day due to the closure of casinos in Macau. With the opening of the gambling sector, various other sectors will also increase, such as the tourism sector, which has also suffered due to corona. Responding to the casino in Macau that is allowed to open, the city authorities have started to issue visas for tourists again. The visa starts from an individual to a group visa. Gamblers from all over the world can make good use of this policy and get the benefit of playing live at casinos in Macau.


The opening of a casino in Macau has benefited again from the lifting of the special quarantine set by the government authorities for those who have left China. Previously, Macau people who had traveled from China had to do self-quarantine for 2 weeks. The repeal of the quarantine policy was also supported by the low level of Covid-19 infection in the gambling city. There were only 46 cases with no deaths occurring.

With the opening of these Macau casinos, it is hoped that the city’s economy can recover quickly, especially to overcome the economic downturn in the first quarter of 2020 which was not playing around as much as 49%. Economic consultants also revealed to New York Time about the estimate of the closure of this Macau gambling center which causes Macau’s casino revenue to be cut by up to 15% per year. In addition, it cannot be denied that casino gambling in Macau is able to absorb a lot of workforce. If it is not opened soon, it will increase unemployment and disrupt the city’s economy which is based on the gambling and tourism sectors.

Of course, the reopening of all casinos in Macau is paying close attention to and strictly enforcing strict health protocols. Some of what is done is physical distancing, providing hand sanitizers, implementing a center-distance chair, checking the temperature before entering, cleaning or sterilizing the room, limiting the number of visitors and much more. All visitors, dealers or employees of the Macau casino are also required to wear a mask or face shiled. It is hoped that the policy for implementing this health protocol will be followed by all Macau casinos and visitors who come to play in them.

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