Steps To Overcome Blocked Gambling Sites

Steps To Overcome Blocked Gambling Sites

For this article, we will try to share how to deal with betting sites that are blocked by the internet or blocked by providers. The problem of blocked sites is no longer a secret for all online gambling players. There are many cases where you cannot open a site, positive websites or blocked IP addresses appear. So this makes it difficult for players to play calmly and comfortably. The government also has an interest in blocking gambling sites because it can affect people’s morals and economy.

However, in this sophisticated and modern era, players no longer need to worry about such problems. There are now many ways to do this so that you can re-access your favorite sites. Here are some ways to deal with blocked betting sites.

– By Using IP Address

In the case of blocking gaming sites that has happened so far, it is very rare to find a blocked IP address. Most betting site domains are blocked by the government. That way, you can still make it possible to reopen daftar qiu qiu online sites that have been blocked by directly accessing the IP address. To find out the IP address, players can use online tools or command prompt or CMD via computer. There are also steps, namely click Start – Run – Type: CMD – then enter. After that, immediately type ping to the blocked domain. Then, the IP address of the blocked domain will appear in cmd immediately. However, with a special note, this method can only be used for sites that use a dedicated IP and IP sites are also not hidden.

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– Through the Use of DNS

For this method, it can be very common and many use it. This is because there are some sites that are only blocked via DNS on the computer or router. This method is very easy to use and run from a computer. Players only need to change the computer’s DNS using a DNS program that can be downloaded from the Internet. After changing DNS, players can immediately access and play online gambling again freely.

– Using VPN

Another way to deal with other blocked gaming sites is to use a VPN service. The operation of the VPN consists in bypassing the blocked sites through network encryption on the computer. This method is also included in a very easy and effective way because many people use this method to unlock gaming sites. VPN services are also divided into two types, namely, free VPN services and paid VPN services. As a recommendation, to get better results, use a paid VPN service.

– Using Google Cache

This method is also very easy and efficient to use to overcome blocked gambling sites. With Google Cache, players can directly access blocked sites through the stored cache. In other words, players don’t have to bother accessing the server directly. Just type the domain or name of the betting site in the search field on Google. Do not click directly on the site after completing the search. Hover over the green down arrow next to the city URL. After that, select the cache menu to find access to blocked sites.

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– Using Alternate Links

For online players, you must know this method very well. Many players don’t want to be too busy thinking about what methods can be used to open blocked betting sites. Players only ask for alternative links from the agent they are playing online with. Online gaming site agents always have alternative links that can be used to access the games. This method is the most preferred by the players because it is easier and does not require any program.

So a little explanation on how to deal with blocked betting sites. Hopefully it can be useful and improve the perception of readers and online players.

Many Online Gambling Sites Are Blocked By The Government

With the development of online gambling sites today, the government also continues to try to block online gambling sites. Therefore, sometimes you can find links to online gambling sites that suddenly cannot be opened.