The advantages of playing the QIU QIU DOMINO GAME

The advantages of playing the QIU QIU DOMINO GAME

As you already know, some of the games that can be played with dominoes, namely domino qiu qiu or known as qiu kick, domino gaple and online ceme have also been discussed in my article first about how to play ceme online and how to win. In playing ceme, now I want to explain the need to become a ceme dealer in online ceme games because this dealer has more advantages than players.

You are not wrong by choosing the Ceme game as your favorite game, because in general, how to play this Ceme game is very easy and most people can. For novice players, it is recommended to play ceme online compared to domino qiu qiu, which has more complicated gameplay steps. Not most people like to be a dealer in playing ceme, therefore if other players refuse to become a dealer, I suggest you to go ahead and take that place because you need to know that being a ceme dealer has more advantages so you can get the maximum profit time to be a ceme city.


I will also explain why I recommend you play as situs poker online indonesia a dealer. Don’t be afraid to become a dealer because you have a big chance to get a lot of wins. This ceme game is usually played by 6 players and 1 dealer. When you act as a ceme dealer and 6 other people become players, this is where your luck begins.

To play ceme, each player will also be given 2 cards to compete for the value with the card that is owned by the dealer and whoever has the highest number he is the winner. The advantage of being a dealer here is when the dealer gets the top number 9, so 100% the dealer will win and have the right to take all the player’s bets, the dealer will win if he fights against a player who has the same value as the dealer.

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