The Best Types of Fighting Chickens

Until now, all you know is that the best type of fighting cock in the cockfighting line is the Bangkok Chicken. Very not a few who choose this type of Bangkok chicken as the champion. Choosing Bangkok chicken as their hero in online cockfighting is not without reason, basically Bangkok Chicken as their hero is not only in the contest but no doubt about it. Along with the growth of cockfighting, there are more than 10 fighting cocks that are suitable for you and produce a physically and unique type of chicken.

The Best Types of Fighting Chickens

But that doesn’t mean that other types of fighting chickens can’t compete with Bangkok Chickens on site. There are many types of fighting cocks that have the skills to fight best in online cockfighting and agen judi bola qualify to become champions. Some of the types of fighting chickens that you will talk about are not enough from fighting chickens originating from Thailand and other countries.

Chicken fighting is different from ornamental chickens, laying hens and broilers in the s128 game and cockfighting has physical and combat characteristics that support its ability to compete. Several types of fighting cocks are imported from various parts of the world such as Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Burma and many more.

Below you will describe the types of fighting cocks that are worldwide in online cockfighting gambling circles:

1, Bangkok Chicken
Among the many types of cockfighting in Indonesia, the Bangkok Chicken is the most popular one of the flocks of agen sbobet cockfighting cocks in Indonesia. In accordance with the nickname this chicken comes from the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

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One of the strengths of this chicken is that it has mental steel and can fight to the death. Really strong fighting chickens, because of that there are so many cockfighting lovers who are interested in this type of chicken because this chicken has an incomparable soul.

2, Burmese Chicken
Burmese chicken is a wild chicken or commonly known as an indigenous chicken originating from Burma or Myanmar. Burmese chickens are of great interest to those interested in cockfighting, either for dueling cocks or for collectibles. In fact, having a small body size is very useful when in a battle area.

3, Siamese Chicken
Siamese chickens are fighting chickens that are also cultivated in Indonesia, these chickens can be taught directly and brought down in various types of locations, for quality problems the original Siamese chicken is also interesting which has many fighting styles
Siamese chickens are also chickens that have a pretty good performance in cockfighting. Steel Mental is not a chicken that gives up easily which is the characteristic of Siamese Chicken. Apart from that, Siamese chicken hits are painful, hard and even deadly.

4, Chicken Shamo
Shamo chicken is a superior fighting chicken from Japan. Shamo chicken also includes fighting chickens that have good quality when competing and have a fairly high body. Shamo has the meaning of mainstay. So chicken shamo is a mainstay chicken. Some call it “Ninja from Japan”

Although the body size is not as big as a Bangkok chicken, but you and I need to know that the Shamo chicken has an athletic body compared to other fighting chickens. Fighting style: accurate hits gouged at sensitive points, such as the opponent’s eyes and ears.

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5, Saigon Chicken
Saigon chicken is one of the successful breeding chickens developed in Vietnam. This chicken is often known as Saigon chicken which entered Indonesia after Bangkok chicken, but unfortunately its popularity is not as good as Bangkok chicken or Burmese chicken. Calling chickens outside Saigon is also quite a bit.

The hallmark of the Vietnamese chicken or saigon is on the head that is not covered with feathers, like how chickens usually do. So this is what makes this chicken so famous one of the chicken warriors. Apart from that, Saigon chickens can have short tail feathers.

6, Filipino Chicken
Filipino cocks are one of the most popular types of cockfighting among groups interested in cockfighting. In addition to having a stocky body, this chicken can have thick and beautiful feathers. Fur color varies from green, red, white and yellow.

There are several types of Filipino chickens called Gray Cockfight with aesthetic feathers that are also known to be good at fighting. Then the red feather is called Alba. And the latest is the Roundhead Sweater with a very strong and slim body posture.

7, Peruvian Chicken
Peruvian chicken or commonly called Peru is a sabu chicken originating from Peru. Peruvian cockfighting alone is often used in Peruvian cockfighting matches that were created nationally in one country in Latin America.