The Early History of Playing Cards

The Early History of Playing Cards

Surely a few people do not know that the playing cards that you usually play will form. Of course in playing card games, black jack, poker, etc. You must play it, you can only play, without knowing what and where the card came from. Some historians suggest that the four suits on the cards represent caste lineages in medieval times. cards consisting of spades, hearts, waru, and many others. However, some of the differences between the different cards make people doubt this statement. In medieval Europe, card games were often associated with drinking, gambling, and other bad habits.

Due to the widespread nature of the spread of card games and the devastation caused by local residents, the authorities decided to ban card games. Anyone who is caught playing or dares to place a gambling game. Certainly a very severe punishment. It was once the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Batavia or now called Jakarta. During the reign of Ali Sadikin, he once made a controversy when he opened a casino gambling place. In the area around Ancol, where the first casino owned by Indonesia. But not long after, all of them were destroyed like swallowed by the earth. Now the place is just rubble and stories from the past.

In fact, you want to be able to see the building, just play in the Acol area. Even though at that time the condition of Jakarta had to require a lot of money to be able to build all the infrastructure. if you only rely on the central government, everything will not be able to be done according to his wishes. Finally, after Ali sadikin stepped down and the casino dynasty no longer stood. The place has been closed to the public, and no one else can build and establish gambling in Indonesia. Now we focus back on our first discussion, which is about the origin of the card. Cards that represent four and the same type of card in the past are kreting, spades, waru and hearts. The number of cards is still the same as 52 cards in one pack.

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Making the Most Bets Possible

It is undeniable that almost everyone who plays cards in all corners of the earth. Indeed, the habits inherited from our ancestors before can not be separated from being forgotten. Even until later our descendants will be born into the world, gambling game activities will never disappear. Maybe you will be a little surprised how the Philippines built its country with the largest investment money from gambling results. Indeed, gambling activities are no longer surprising, many people play it. Even tourists who come to his country bring quite a lot of money to have fun. The results obtained by the country are the largest, namely from the results of gambling.

In addition there is a saying that the origin of the card is a card that can be predicted by immigrants from Bangladesh. Has a trace that is more durable than usual, but there is no need to worry about where the card came from. The important thing is that the card can generate money for those who play it. In foreign countries it is often associated when people who play gambling are identical to drinkers of liquor. Of course, not everyone’s habits are the same, depending on how far we can carry ourselves to our emotional level. In a country that prohibits its citizens from gambling, it is a country whose majority has a densely populated country.

Now you don’t have to be confused about the gambling game that we will play later. Now there are many online gambling games on the internet. You can even go online and play it, with just one ID, all games can be played. Maybe for those of you who have been playing gambling on land for a long time, it’s time to switch to playing online gambling. Because it is certain that the sensation of playing online gambling is more interesting and challenging. Some even argue that winning online gambling games will not be much proportional to our losses later. Winning and losing in every game is natural, but it depends on how we play it. That’s all from me, I hope the article can help you.

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